January 24, 2010

Course Offering on "Mass and the Sacraments"

Father Phillipson will offer a "seminar" course following Fr. John Laux's “Mass and the Sacraments” at St. Ann’s on Thursdays from 1:30 to 2:45PM, beginning Feb. 4 and ending sometime in May. An estimated number of fifteen classes will be held with vacation during Holy Week.
Course objective include: 1) to learn more about the Mass and the 7 sacraments, 2) to grow in confidence in discussing ideas intelligently as a class, 3) to grow in confidence in speaking in front of a class from memory, 4) to write intelligently about the Mass and the Sacraments, 5) though the Mass and the Sacraments will be understood primarily from a traditional perspective, related topics regarding the history of the liturgy and the New Mass & Rites will also be treated.
Course requirements include: 1) “Mass and the Sacraments” by Fr. John Laux published by Tan, 2) notebook and writing instruments, 3) ability to read, understand and discuss the book at about twenty pages per week, 4) ability to write sentences and paragraphs, 5) willingness to speak and make oral presentations from memory to the class as a whole.
Students will be evaluated based on review/test questions at the end of each chapter, class participation based on reading assignments, a few short written essay assignments, and short oral presentations from memory regarding the reading material or related topics of interest to the students. The course cost will be on a donation bases. For any questions please do not hesitate to ask Fr. David Phillipson frdavidphil4@gmail.com

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