October 21, 2010

Feast of Christ the King

For the Feast of Christ the King on Sunday, October 31, we will recite the Act of Dedication of the Human Race to Jesus Christ King.  Along with the usual conditions, this allows for one to to gain a plenary indulgence. Copies of the prayer will be placed at the entrance and front tables.    Benediction and Vespers will take place in the church, beginning at 2:40pm.   

All are  invited to refreshments downstairs in the Parish hall at 2PM, and to participate in a discussion as to the  preferred Mass time for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception on Wednesday Dec. 8.

Remember that on Tuesday, November 2, All Souls Day, a plenary indulgence can be gained for the souls in Purgatory by visiting a Church and reciting one Our Father and the Creed.   On all the days from November I though November 8 inclusive, a plenary indulgence, applicable only to the Poor Souls, is granted to those who visit a cemetery and pray for the departed.

To acquire a plenary indulgence it is necessary to perform the work to which the indulgence is attached and to fulfill the following three conditions: sacramental confession (up to a week before or after, one confession suffices for gaining several plenary indulgences), eucharistic Communion, and prayer for the intention of the Sovereign Pontiff.  It is further required that all attachment to sin, even venial sin, be absent.   If the latter disposition is in any way less than perfect or if the prescribed three conditions are not fulfilled, the indulgence will be partial only,

October 9, 2010

Community Events

The Latin Mass Community will make a prayerful visit to the chapel of the Little Audrey Santos foundation at 64 S. Flagg Street in Worcester on Monday October 18 at 6PM. Father Phillipson will offer Mass there at 6:30PM. You may read more about Audrey Santos at http://www.littleaudreysanto.org/Test.html

There will be a birthday dinner for Fr. Phillipson: at Il Forno restaurant (27 Airport Road, Fitchburg) on Friday, Oct. 22 at 6:30PM. Children are welcome. Please RSVP the number attending to the Tabbaas sedessapientia@verizon.net as soon as possible so we can estimate the size function room to reserve. As only one check is allowed for the group, payment will be cash only (each family may tally their own tab). Wine and cake will be served.
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