November 18, 2010

Save some dates....

Beginning next week for Advent, the psalms for Vespers will be chanted (instead of recto tono).   Anyone who would like extra help in learning the chant modes is welcome to join the choir for practice at 6:30PM on Wednesday Nov. 24 at St. Joseph's Church.    All are encouraged to take this wonderful opportunity to learn chant from our very knowledgeable and experienced choir director, and offer praise to God in this most beautiful  tradition of our Faith.

Save the date for a Latin Mass dinner on Sunday, Dec. 19th, at 4PM (after Vespers) at Il Forno Restaurant (27 Airport Road, Fitchburg).    Children are welcome; cake and wine will be served.   There will only be one bill, so every family will keep track of their own tab (cash only).     We will hold a Yankee Gift Swap:   Anyone who would like to participate should bring a wrapped gift with no name tag (a Catholic theme gift or home-made goodies-  under $20).    As many family members who would like to participate may each bring a gift.   Each person who brings a gift will draw a number to determine the order.  The first person opens a gift.  The next person may choose from any opened gifts or open a new gift, and so on until the last person may choose from all of the opened gifts.  The best gift will be sharing the time together!

Feel free to post or email our new video to promote our Latin Mass:

(The video is currently at the top of our blog.)

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  1. Great site and thanks for all the great links.


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