March 20, 2011

Some Announcements:

Palm Sunday Mass on April 17th will begin at 1:30PM (instead of 12:30PM) as Father will be arriving a little late.    Before the Mass is the Blessing of the Palms, which includes an Antiphon, Psalms, and Gospel reading. The palms are distributed to the people at the kneelers.  The priest will hold the palm near your lips so that you can kiss it and then his hand. Then comes the Procession with hymns, when we carry the palms either around the church or outside, weather permitting, and then the Mass, during which there is a very long recitation of the Passion.  Prepare for a very long Mass!    Vespers will not be held on this day. 

On Easter Sunday, we will have fruits and desserts after Mass (12:30PM Mass time).   Bring goodies to share if you are able.  We will have a few games for the children with prizes.  (Vespers will be held at the usual time).

On May 1, Divine Mercy Sunday, we will pray the Divine Mercy chaplet in front of a blessed image of the Divine Mercy along with Vespers (with a commemoration of St. Joseph) and Benediction at 2:45PM.  
Instead of community pot luck on May 1, we will have our Easter celebration dinner at Il Forno's, 27 Airport Road, Fitchburg at 4:30 PM (after the Divine Mercy celebrations). There will be wine and dessert for everyone. RSVP :
Children are welcome. There will only be one bill, so every family will keep track of their own tab (cash only).

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