Sunday Vespers

Vespers are prayed every Sunday at 2:40 at St. Joseph's Church.  The prayers are in Latin, and booklets with the Latin and English translations are provided.   All are invited to join in the union of the Mystical Body of Christ singing the unceasing official public prayer of the Church, the Divine Office.

Vespers Documents:

All Psalms    
Psalms with Antiphons

Advent Hymn
Hymn for Septa-Quin
Lent Hymn
Hymn for Passion Sunday
Hymn for Low Sunday
Hymn for Feast of Christ the King           and Antiphons
Sunday within the Octave of Christmas Hymn

Hymn for the Feast of the Holy Family
Sundays after Easter Hymn

Propers for Vespers

Propers (the antiphon for the Magnificat and the Collect) may be found at these sites:

Audio Help for Learning the Psalm Tones:
Psalm Tones Audio:
All of Sunday Vespers including the Psalms (sung):

Audio Recording Help for Learning Sunday Vespers (note that these are recto tono or one note):

Note: To see the print better, either print copies of the Vespers Documents from the Links below or open the documents in a separate browser window, start the video and minimize it to see the document.

Opening Versicles and Psalm 109

Psalm 110

Psalm 111

Psalm 112

Psalm 113




Additonal Helpful Links for Learning Latin Pronunciation and Chanting Vespers:

It is helpful to open the Vespers Document with the prayer you are learning, then open the internet MP3 audio link and minimize it so that you can read the prayers while listening to the recordings.

Audio Pronunciation Links:
Pronunciation of Pater Nosterm, Ave Maria, Gloria Patri : (click on MP3 link):

Pronunciation of the Magnificat: (click on MP3 link):

Psalms read aloud in Latin:

Latin Translation Tools:
Download a latin dictionary for all of the words in the Psalter:

Translate Latin to English:

Learning Latin:
Introductory Course on Latin:

Getting Started with Latin: (pronunciation recordings):

Singing the Office:
An overview of singing the office:
Gregorian Psalmody

Learning Chant Notation: has a pdf file of the Gregorian tones with their different endings here: has another, simpler list (in pdf format) with no endings here:

The St. Cecilia Schola also posted a pdf file of their "Idiot's Guide to Square Notes":

a quick guide to square notes here:

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